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Graphic Concrete Newsletter: Color

Did you think about grey? Well, so do most of us. 
Due to the capability of this wonderful material, decorative concrete surfaces are becoming more and more popular. When the interest in customized concrete grows, so does the desire for a greater variety of colors. 
Many factors influence the color: Pigments, type of cement, aggregate size and color, water content, mixing technique, and finishing methods. When it comes to Graphic Concrete you can apply color during production using pigments in the concrete mix, or post-production by painting or staining the Graphic Concrete surface.  
When using pigments only the cement is colored; the exposed aggregate will remain its natural color. The pigments used must survive long-term UV exposure in order not to fade. Concrete is a natural material that varies in many ways. Achieving a perfect unified color depends on a vast amount of variables - that all need to be consistent for a consistent result. 
When painting or staining Graphic Concrete the smooth cement and the exposed aggregate surface will be covered with color. There is no need for special aggregates – even a basic concrete mix will turn out nicely. The color is easy to control - and the freedom of color choice is endless. Be sure to use products made for concrete - an excellent choice is colored concrete protection products. 
When Graphic Concrete is colored by using pigments, it is virtually maintenance-free. When painting or staining the surface it will need some re-applying at some point.  
And cost? Well if you want to look nice... 
Below you see some colorful projects. Enjoy!

H.A.N.S. Industrial Building, Čeperka

Joensuun Elli Residential Building, Joensuu

Skanska Headquarters Helsinki Kathy and Helsinki Neptun, Helsinki

Rubiiniparkki Parking House, Vantaa

Vantaan Puuhakivi Residential Building, Vantaa

Tuusulan Tulppaani, Tuusula

Tikkurila Daycare, Vantaa