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H.A.N.S. Industrial Building

Czech Republic

Graphic Concrete H.A.N.S. Industrial Building

The H.A.N.S. Industrial Building features the Graphic Concrete Collection pattern Atom Cross. The vertical panel division is emphasized by different colors, making the building a really cheerful sight.

This look was achieved by using different pigments in the concrete mix, while keeping the aggregate constantly black.

Architecture: Ing. arch. Jan Jarolimek
Color: Color (Pigments)
Pattern: GC-Collection™ Atom Cross
Developer: H.A.N.S. stavby, a.s.
Prefabrication: H.A.N.S. Stavby, a.s.
Address: Staré Ždánice, Čeperka čp. 335 53344 Czech Republic
Type: Industrial Building
Year: 2009
Photo: Ing. arch. Jan Jarolimek Ales Jungmann MgA, QEP

Graphic Concrete H.A.N.S. Industrial Building