Wow, it's crocodile!


Tikkurila Daycare has recently opened in public and it has a giant crocodile with Graphic Concrete pattern.Finland is one of the best countries to raise small children since it is well-known as a secure society and qualified educational system. In line with this, Helsinki city has been announced that they invest more budget for building daycares and schools this year. Graphic Concrete has been made great references for educational buildings, but not many daycares. It is pretty exciting to see this recent work of Graphic Concrete, Tikkurila Daycare, Vantaa which is located in the metropolitan area in Finland.

This Daycare has opened since November 2019 and designed by  Parvilainen Architehdit Oy and prefabricated by  SBS Betoni Oy, Finland. It has been highlighted in Media in terms of its special features. To start from the planning stage, this is a 3-story building daycare which is not common in Finland. The discussion has been  through fitting this building in such a complexed residential area. Although there has been many doubts and concerns, this daycare has been successfully operated until now. Most importantly, there is a giant crocodile slide in the yard and the children in the daycare have picked that this is one of their best places. It is so great to hear children’s compliment!

Parviainen Arkkitehdit Oy has illustrated patterns on the crocodile surface with Graphic Concrete. After prefabrication work, the crocodile has been painted as green and this looks more alive creature. When you are close enough to the crocodile, you cannot believe what you see! Small hands and foot!!!!  We expect that children can create their own stories when they see these patterns and crocodile in their daycare yard. It has been such an adorable project and very glad to contribute to our children’s daily lives. We look forward to being part of their world.

Project details 
Architecture: Parviainen Arkkitehdit Oy
Color: Color (Stained, Concrete Protection)
Pattern: Designer's own
Prefabrication: SBS Betoni Oy
Address: Neilikkatie 3 01300 Vantaa
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2019

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