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Skanska Headquarters, Helsinki Kathy and Helsinki Neptun


Graphic Concrete Skanska Headquarters

“The inspiration for this particular pattern was the historic “Nolli Map of Rome” drawn in the 1700s. From afar the pattern looks like natural rock, but up close it reveals an old city map. Observed in detail one can even make out the street names, courtyards and churches. But in reality you cannot find this city anywhere, as the map has been drawn on top of the image of an oak leaf; the leaf stems are transformed into streets and the spaces in between become city blocks and buildings.” 
Katia Salo, Architect, L Architects

Architecture:   L Arkkitehdit
Color: Color (Pigments)
Pattern: Designer's own Repeating pattern
Developer:  Skanska
Prefabrication:  Ämmän Betoni Oy
Address:  Mannerheimintie 217, Helsinki, Finland
Type: Commercial Building
Year: 2011
Photo: Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete Skanska Headquarters
Graphic Concrete Skanska Headquarters
Graphic Concrete Skanska Headquarters