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Graphic Concrete Stories on Media


From 20 years with 2500 projects in 32 countries, Graphic Concrete is a proven concept in the precast concrete industry. In particular, it enables an industrially produced building facade solution as a game changer in the architectural precast concrete industry. It is a durable, quality-proven, aesthetic, resilient, and sustainable solution. Also, every project has its own story that attracts and inspires many others.

A game changer in the architectural precast concrete industry

Graphic Concrete allows to impart of any images or patterns onto a precast concrete surface. This technology has become a game changer in the architectural precast concrete industry.

Indelible drawings on curved concrete surface

Concrete is the most commonly used construction material in buildings, pavements, bridges, walls, etc. Due to its advantages and sustainable merits, concrete technology has been experimented with for better design purposes. 

Prefabricated concrete surfaces attract architects

Precast concrete is durable, factory-quality performance available, decorative, resilient, and sustainable. Graphic Concrete provides a practical solution for creating impressive architecture with a high-quality, affordable, and durable concrete panel. It is much more than just pretty images!

Enable industrially produced inspirational building facade

“Graphic Concrete was an excellent choice in terms of both the theme and visual appearance of the building, as well as from the artistic and economic perspective. The creation of this unique building required precise image processing, rasterizing, manufacturing, and installation of the large panels.” 

- Ivo Allas, Design Director of the Styl-Comp Group

Eager to develop innovation

We are still eager to experiment developing innovations. Delfiinikortteli is an extraordinary reference that precast elements are used in high-rise buildings using stained gold, silver, and bronze colors on the concrete surface.

Every project tells a story

The archaeological excavations near the Myyrmäki housing center have significantly changed the perception of the entire prehistory of Finland and deserve a prominent place in today's life. The elements have collected the settlement history of the Myyrmäki and the surrounding areas, which extends far back to the Stone Age. The individual images are sophistically imparted on the precast concrete surface. You can find tools, dishes, decorative, items, bone materials, shells, and plant residues on the concrete surface.

If you would like to know more about Graphic Concrete and each project, don´t hesitate to contact us. 
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