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Myyrmäki Housing Center


Graphic Concrete Myyrmäki Nursing Center

The Myyrmäki housing center was completed in fall 2019. In the complex, there are 199 apartments, 135 serviced apartments and 64 group home places including common spaces for the residents. On the first floor, the building façade has been illustrated with an extract from the prehistory of the Vantaa region - from Kampa ceramics to extinct representatives of the animal kingdom with graphic concrete.

The archaeological excavations near the Myyrmäki housing center have significantly changed the perception of the entire prehistory of Finland and deserve a prominent place in today's life.

The elements have collected the settlement history of the Myyrmäki area and the surrounding areas, which extends far back to the Stone Age. The individual images are sophistically imparted on the precast concrete surface. Behind the individual patterns, you can see the pollen analysis history of the vegetation.

In the excavations started in the 1970s, discoveries of normal life have come to light, such as stone objects, fragments of clay vessels, fragments of burnt bone, etc. - These have been used as the facade motifs of the Myyrmäki housing center. You can find tools, dishes, decorative, items, bone materials, shells, and plant residues on the concrete surface.

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Architecture: P&R Arkkitehdit Oy
Color: Light / Dark
Pattern: Designer's own 
Design: P&R Arkkitehdit Oy
Prefabrication: Betset Oy Kyyjärvi
Address: Ruukkukuja 8, 01600, Vantaa
Type: Residential Building
Year: 2019
Photo: Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete Myyrmäki Nursing Center
Graphic Concrete Myyrmäki Nursing Center
Graphic Concrete Myyrmäki Nursing Center
Graphic Concrete Myyrmäki Nursing Center