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Ospedale Giovanni XXIII Chapel


“The inspiration came from the Garden of Eden, as reflected by the flowers, plants and shrubs that are repeated in the pattern. The floral imagery was realised using delicate rasterised images and a dedicated concrete mix design, creating an overall impression that is light, airy and calm. The natural light that enters the chapel through round openings in the walls and in the ceiling completes the breathtakingly beautiful effect.”

Ivo Allas, Design Director, Styl-Comp Group

The chapel won the Supreme Award, the highest recognition, at the Surface Design Awards 2015 and has been one of our all time favorites.

Architecture: Traversi + Traversi Architetti
Co architecture: Aymeric Zublena
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own
Design: Stefano Arienti
Developer: Styl-Comp Group
Prefabrication: Styl-Comp
Address: Piazza OMS, Bergamo, Italy
Type: Religious Building
Year: 2012
Photo: Graphic Concrete