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Zwembadsite Residential Building


Graphic Concrete Zwembadsite Residential Building

The Zwembadsite consists of forty luxury residences and five commercial spaces build on an old pool site in the center of Leuven, Belgium.

The eye-catchers are the concrete facades in Graphic Concrete. The patterns in the concrete facade panels correspond with the patterns in the glasswork of the terraces generate an intriguing visual effect. 

“The design completes Smets Square and its residual spaces, while creating new passages, integrating the existing Fabiola building, and enclosing a new informal semi-public/semi-private courtyard. The apartment building acts as an intermediate zone between two different scale levels, and each building block is finalised by taking its own logic into account.”


Architecture: BOB 361 Architecten
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own Repeating pattern
Developer: Implant nv, Extensa Nv
Prefabrication: HIM Chemie B.V.
Address: Hogeschoolplein, Leuven, Belgium
Type: Residential Building
Year: 2008
Photo: André Nullens, Jutta Telivuo

Graphic Concrete Zwembadsite Residential Building