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Tändstickan Parking House


Graphic Concrete Tändstickan Parking House

“The idea to use Graphic Concrete came from the insight that the parking garage is huge and we need to bring down the scale using a graphic pattern. The primary aim was that the persons working in surrounding buildings should have a nice view despite the massive concrete parking house. The nature pattern is used to highlight the contrast between cars/traffic/pollution and nature/animals/fresh air. We wanted a calm and playful feeling.”

Henrik Markhede, Architect SAR/MSA, Arkitektbyrån Design

Architecture: ARKITEKTBYRÅN DESIGN, Göteborg
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own 
Developer: Skanska Stomsystem AB Distrikt Väst/Syd
Prefabrication: Kynningsrud Prefab AS
Address: Grafiska Vägen 2 412 63 Göteborg
Type: Parking Structure
Year: 2013

Graphic Concrete Tändstickan Parking House
Graphic Concrete Tändstickan Parking House