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Surface design with Graphic Concrete

The built environment forms spaces; indoors and outdoors. Outdoors we move in spaces that are formed by the voids between the buildings. These outdoor rooms are open for everyone to explore and enjoy. We at Graphic Concrete want to make these spaces interesting, functional and beautiful.

A texturized surface is quite different from a large piece of art, but not at all less interesting. It is timeless and durable, and it is the most cost-effective way to make your graphic concrete.

Depending on pattern scale, regularity, density and color, the surface will come alive and change according to viewing distance. The possibilities are endless - check out the examples below!

Espoo Perilänniitty Residential Building, Espoo

A small-scale surface texture will surprise you when coming closer. Hardly detectable from afar, but very interesting close-up.

Attunda Tingsrätt, Stockholm

A beautiful surface texture makes the concrete surface very tactile and inviting in comparison to a smooth surface.  This kind of surface also hides traces of tear and wear.

Changwon SM Town, Changwon

This dot texture is very strict and regular. You can design the surface to mach the architecture of the building.

Sultrade Warehouse, Espoo

This irregular multi-scale pattern is one of our favorites. It forms a beautiful texturized surface that differs from any other kind of facade treatment.

Espoo Hospital, Espoo

Repetition is key when designing a pattern that will be perceived as a surface treatment. A larger surface allows for a larger pattern scale.

Niittysillankulma 2 Residential Building, Espoo

The closer you come, the more you see. This very beautiful lace-like design will surprise you with its astonishing detailing.

Astrum Residential Building, Vantaa

One of our GCCollection patterns might be a suitable choice for your next project.  These patterns can be tailored to fit your project, should they not be exactly what you are looking for.

Together we can create better environments!