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Graphic Concrete projects in medical buildings

This is a special edition of our newsletter series: Medical buildings. We are pleased to introduce Graphic Concrete projects in medical sectors. Among many of the projects, we select Vejle Hospital in Denmark, Skandion Clinic, and Espoo Hospital & Kuopio University Hospital in Finland to feature Graphic Concrete’s extensive possibilities.

Simple, beautiful & precise quality of corners

Vejle Hospital in Denmark is a public hospital with over 20 000 patients every year. The Graphic Concrete pattern Stripes horizontal circles the building facade. Notable is how beautiful and precise the corners can be made when using Graphic Concrete.

Possible to conceal or highlight

Espoo Hospital is a great example of how Graphic Concrete can be used on large concrete element surfaces. This is not the only cost-effective solution for the large surface, but also cherish the main concept of the building design on both a big and small scale. The pattern creates an interesting façade while concealing the vertical seams between the elements. When viewed up close the pattern reveals the point raster, but as you move away the vertical lines take precedence. When viewing the entire building, the horizontal appearance is emphasised by the horizontal seams that divide the pattern. Graphic Concrete patterns make it possible to either conceal or highlight the seams between the elements.

Human appearance pattern & harmony with other materials

Skandion Clinic is Scandinavia’s first cancer clinic for proton therapy treatment and located in Sweden. This elevated and airy building has received a dedicated appearance through Graphic Concrete, glass and perforated aluminium sheets all with a pattern inspire by lace curtains. This presents how Graphic Concrete has combined and been used with other materials.