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Graphic Concrete projects for floor use

This is a special edition of our newsletter series: infrastructure. We would like in particular to introduce some of Graphic Concrete projects focusing on the floor uses. These references feature Graphic  Concrete’s extensive possibilities in various occasions.

Jelling Monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Denmark

The Jelling Monuments are considered Europe’s finest Viking Age monuments and these have been nominated as UNESCO World Heritage patronage. Concrete slabs on the ground form a path for hundreds of newly erected white concrete pillars that encircle the entire site, marking the approximate location of the original wooden stockade.

Karlstad City, Walking Streets on Equal Terms, Sweden

Creating patterns would not only give aesthetic merits, but it could also be a way to deliver a message. Karlstad City, Walking Street project has illustrated the message on Equal Terms with Graphic Concrete.

Skanska Headquarters Sweden

Skanska Headquarters in Sweden is described as an activity-based office environment and green energy profiling. The ground slabs at the entrance are made of Graphic Concrete, with Skanska’s logo as the pattern. The Graphic Concrete pattern gives natural friction to the slabs, especially important in the wintertime. The office is certified with LEED Platinum, the highest level in the environmental certification system.

Plejecentre Søndergåard, Denmark

Horsens Kommune possesses such a beautiful nursing centre, Plejecentre Søndergåard. In this centre, Graphic Concrete was implemented on the ground slabs and roof panels. This project was completed in 2012 and the concrete patterns have been well sustained. 

G735 Gallery Project, Japan

G735 Gallery Project is one of the references to present a sophisticated prefabrication quality. With Graphic Concrete technology, any images and illustrations can be realised.