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For free PROJECT CONSULTATION, we look forward to conneting with you through your local contact person. Please click here to find your contact. 

If you need help designing your own unique pattern or image, you can order the job from our DESIGN SERVICE.

If you are a precast producer, our TECH SERVICE with make sure you get the proper Graphic Concrete Technology Training. Contact us if you want to know more about how to become a certified precaster. 

If you would like to arrange a SPECIAL EVENT or take your office on a trip to a local precast producer, we can help connecting you with the right people. We also provide professional and inspiring speakers if needed. 

To learn about our pricing principles, look below. As for getting a paper price estimate for your specific design, please click to find your local representative

Graphic Concrete Pricing Principles

How is Graphic Concrete priced?

The Graphic Concrete paper is sold directly to the local prefabrication factory, which sets the price for the finished concrete product.
The final price per square meter or feet of prefabricated Graphic Concrete depends on the type of panel and detailing, the concrete mix design and the chosen image or pattern. The final price is always given by the local precast producer.
Other factors affecting the overall costs are the required planning and production time.


Will my design affect the price of the paper?

Yes, the Graphic Concrete paper price depends on 3 factors:
1) The image size: the larger the image, the higher the price.
2) The amount of repetition. One copy of your image is the most costly option. When copying the same image many times, the price becomes more cost-effective.
3) The total amount of Graphic Concrete surface: the more surface the more cost effective.
The most cost effective is designing a repeating pattern on a large surface.


Does the type of image affect the price of the paper?

Anything you can print on a piece of paper can be transferred to a concrete surface. It doesn't matter if the image is vector graphics or based on photography or a mix, only the size matters. Our own ready-made GCCollection patterns fall into the most cost-effective price range, called GCBasic. You can design your own GCBasic pattern, not adding any costs. Larger images fall into the price range called GCPlus. This applies to images larger than 3,2 x 3,2 m (10' 6'' x 10' 6'').


Totally unique design / Paper price 100%

Repetitive large scale / Paper price 50%

Wallpaper-like (most cost-effective) pattern / Paper price 30%

What else will affect the cost?

Some patterns are easier to use in precast production than others. The most cost effective patterns are the ones that do not need to be placed on the panel in any specific way, or continue seamlessly from one panel to the other. These patterns save planning costs, because specific placement instructions are not needed in the shop drawings, since the paper can be placed freely in the form. These types of patterns also generate minimal paper waste. Our GCCollection Pebbles 25 pattern is an example of such a pattern.


Is there something else to remember?

Some patterns have a specific direction that needs to be kept in mind when placing the pattern on the panels.
An example of such a pattern is GCCollection Stripes. In order to have the stripes to continue over the whole facade, you need to give specific instructions on either the horizontal or vertical placement on the panels. These types of patterns are fairly easy to use in precast production, but requires some instructions in the shop drawings.


Does the panel size affect the Graphic Concrete paper price?

Some patterns require both specific horizontal and vertical placement. Usually, these patterns have large graphics, and look better if they continue seamlessly from one panel to another. These types of patterns or images require very precise placement instructions in the shop drawings. 
If choosing such a solution, having a constant panel size will save both planning and production time. The same image/pattern can then be repeated on all the panels. There will be a fair amount of paper waste if the panels are of different sizes.


Send us the specifications for your project and we will estimate the cost of the paper and help you find the optimal solution.

Graphic Concrete is a cost-efficient alternative compared to any other precast concrete surfaces. It is ready for use and does not require any additional surface treatment or coating. This minimizes construction time at the beginning of the project, while the maintenance-free surface keeps costs down over the entire lifespan. If wanted, a sealer or anti-graffiti treatment can be applied. The most cost-effective solution is to use a repeating pattern in large volumes.

If you need more information or help with your project, please contact us.