Graphic Concrete Newsletter: School

Positive, productive learning environments are key to students' success in school. Many components make up that positive learning environment. We tend to focus on safety, trust, respect and topics alike, often forgetting the importance of the built environment.
Architects not only have the opportunity to create functional, safe surroundings but also to create experiences that enhance our psychological well-being. The feeling of being important and appreciated is vital for every one of us. Well thought out architectural design reflects appreciation for the individual who uses the facility.
In this newsletter we focus on the importance of design in learning environments. With Graphic Concrete you can make all the difference – take a look!

Talvikangas School, Oulu

Graphic Concrete Talvikangas

Långbrodal School, Älvsjö

Graphic Concrete Långbrodal School

Roskilde High School, Roskilde

Graphic Concrete Roskilde High School

Performing Art Center at Murphysboro High School, Illinois

Graphic Concrete Performing Art Center at Murphysboro High School

Tervajoki School, Tervajoki

Graphic Concrete Tervajoki School

Lievestuore Vocational School, Lievestuore

Graphic Concrete Lievestuore Vocational School

Josep Guinovart Primary School, Barcelona

Graphic Concrete Josep Guinovart Primary School

Jyväskylä Adult Education Institute, Jyväskylä

Graphic Concrete Jyväskylä Adult Education Institute

Källan Skolan, Ystad

Graphic Concrete Källan Skolan

Crevin Upper Secondary School, Crevin

Graphic Concrete Crevin Upper Secondary School

Helsinki Culinary School Perho, Helsinki

Graphic Concrete Helsinki Culinary School Perho

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