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Make your own Graphic Concrete

Our newsletter typically features beautiful Graphic Concrete projects. This time we will explain the process of making your own Graphic Concrete project. You need to know two important things before you start. The material you need to work with is CONCRETE. The concrete needs to be produced as PRECAST in a plant, not cast on site. Sounds reasonable? Well let’s go then!

The Graphic Concrete process starts with your imagination. You can choose a pattern design from our GCCollection or make your own image or pattern. You can find our design instructions here.

Graphic Concrete Patterns

Next, you need to specify Graphic Concrete as the surface treatment for the precast concrete panels. The specifications are country specific, so we will help you with this if needed. A local precast company will produce the Graphic Concrete panels and provide the panel price.

See some of the precast producers we work with.

Graphic Concrete Membrane

Before panel production starts, we will print the chosen graphic design with a special retarder on a proprietary coated paper. The paper is shipped in a roll to the chosen precast producer, which will use it in the panel production. The environmentally friendly paper is made mostly from Finnish wood and produced using only green energy.

Graphic Concrete Membrane on molding

At the precast plant, the Graphic Concrete paper will be trimmed to fit the shape of the casting form. The precaster will have worked with you ahead of time to develop an ideal panel size. The paper is used once- a new piece is used for each panel.

Graphic Concrete Casting

Concrete is cast atop the paper in the form. The panel is produced in a normal manner following our instructions. The Graphic Concrete paper can be used with traditional concrete as well as with lighter glass fiber reinforced concrete and similar mixes.

Graphic Concrete Paper Away
Graphic Concrete Washing

After curing, the panel is extracted from the form. The precaster carefully removes the Graphic Concrete paper, and powerwashes the panel with water. Clean paper can be recycled as normal energy waste.

Graphic Concrete Casted wall

Your image is revealed - the Graphic Concrete surface is ready!
Graphic Concrete surfaces are 100% concrete. They are durable, virtually maintenance free and beautiful!

Graphic Concrete Architect at Work Barcelona 2021
Graphic Concrete Architect at Work Paris 2021

We are here to help you make your Graphic Concrete project a success. Here you see some of us at the recent Architect@Work fairs in Barcelona and Paris. We would like to thank all attendants! Next up in Europe are BIBM Copenhagen and Architect&Work Madrid.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation. You can watch this video that shows each step of the process, or read more about the product and process here.