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Meet the newest member of our team, Bang Lee


Bang, who joined us in May, will be working as a Project Manager and Communication Coordinator, taking care of our customers as well as all the interesting news and excitingprojects that we will share with you.

Bang is originally from Seoul, South Korea, where she was introduced to Finnish design by her university professor. She was intrigued about what she saw, and in 2010 she came to Finland to join a two-year Masters Program at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. The planned 2 years becamemany more and now she has lived in Helsinki for 9 years. 

Before starting her work at Graphic Concrete, Bang worked as a furniture and product designer and as a director of urban planning specialized in playgroundsand play equipment. She has also both educated and worked as a researcher at the Aalto University.With her strong design and research background, Bang is a great addition to the Graphic Concrete team. She will mostly be working from our Helsinki office, but you might also see her in Denmark, as she is the Project Manager for all Graphic Concrete projects in that region.When meeting Bang, you will immediately notice that she loves to communicate and collaborate with people. 

With her inspiring and positive attitude, she will get the job done, and done well.Is there anything she misses from Korea? Yes, the food, she says with a laugh … and the fact that the food is delivered to you; any food to any place. In Finland, high-quality food delivery has not reached the same level yet. 

So what about Finland? There has to be something special to keep her away from all that lovely foodin Korea.Yes, of course, and it is a much bigger thing. In Finland, you have balance. There isbalance of work, family, friends … Korean culture is very competitive, and you very seldom have time for yourself.  Here, she says, “I can concentrate on doing my own thing. You can even do nothing every now and then.”

Well, we are not sure how much “nothing” she does; in addition to taking care of her family and her work, she is also about to receive a doctorate in Arts.