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Länsisatamankatu 23 Residential Building


Graphic Concrete Länsisatamankatu 23 Residential Building

The precast concrete sandwich exterior walls of this apartment building are interesting. The white concrete facades have been created using three different types of concrete; Graphic Concrete, polished and sandblasted concrete. The different surface structures reflect light in a different way, making the facade puzzle-like and the traditional panel joints disappear.

With Graphic Concrete Smooth a velvety smooth, matt and even concrete surface is created that highlights the inherent beauty of concrete.

Due to differences in surface porosity, the different parts of the facade will change their character over time. The French balcony hangers on the street side contribute to liven up the street scene.

Länsisatamankatu 23, Helsinki was rewarded for its sophisticated and demanding architectural and structural design and high quality implementation as the Finnish Concrete Structure of the Year 2014 (Betonirakenne 2014). Skilful use of concrete and effective cooperation of all parties has created a technically successful and expressive architectural entity.

Architecture: Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects
Color: Light
Pattern: GCSmooth
Developer: Helsingin Asuntotuotantotoimisto
Prefabrication: Ämmän Betoni Oy
Address: Länsisatamankatu 23, 00180, Helsinki
Type: Residential Building
Year: 2014
Photo: Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete Länsisatamankatu 23 Residential Building