Långbrodal School


The new school building has two 15-meter-tall concrete house gables in Graphic Concrete featuring artistic ornaments by artist Rebecka Bebben Andersson. The artwork called “No Smoking!” gives the students a great deal to discover, including crocodiles and a gorilla in underwear.

"Finally, Långbrodal School has premises that fit its purpose – a new and stylish building that together with the old and beautiful building forms a nice school for local children”

Olle Burell, School Commissioner and Chairman of SISAB. 

SISAB is a city-owned company that owns and manages Stockholm’s pre-schools and schools.

Architecture: Aperto
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own
Design: Rebecka Bebben Andersson
Developer: SISAB
Prefabrication: Abetong
Address: Sländvägen 1, 125 58 Älvsjö, Sweden
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2017
Photo: Anders Fredriksén

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