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Høvik Barneskole School


Graphic Concrete Høvik Barneskole School

Høvik School was inaugurated in 1897, with 22 students. Now the school has about 550 students and the latest building additions were finished in 2013. The oldest facades are protected but together with the new parts in wood and concrete they all work beautifully together, creating an amazing whole. The Graphic Concrete pattern used is "Grass" from our collection. 

Architecture: Planforum Arkitekter
Color: Light
Pattern: GC-Collection™
Developer: HENT AS (Oslo)
Prefabrication: Opplandske Betongindustri AS
Address: Gamle Drammensvei 119, Høvik
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2013
Photo: Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete Høvik Barneskole School