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General Electric Office


Graphic Concrete General Electric Office

The General Electric (GE) construction project, a refurbishment project in an existing building, represented one of the most important urban refurbishment projects within the heart of the city of Milan.

The main focus was in creating an energy efficient and technologically advanced building with a new ”image” to it. GE wanted the building to highlight their commitment towards sustainable architecture and saving energy, and as in all office building refurbishment projects, improving commercial value also played an important role.

The interiors were designed to be very graphic and thus the realization in Graphic Concrete. 

The outcome features a particular care for sustainability and energy saving topics, it has gained the Leed Platinum certification from the independent Green Building Certification Institute.

Architecture: GaS Studio
Color: Colored
Pattern: Designer's own
Developer: Colombo Costruzioni
Prefabrication: Il Cantiere
Address: Via Cardano 10, Milan, Italy
Type: Commercial Building, Interior
Year: 2015
Photo: Il Cantiere, GaS Studio

Graphic Concrete General Electric Office
Graphic Concrete General Electric Office