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Enjoy Concrete Factory Building

Graphic Concrete Enjoy Concrete Factory Building
Enjoy Concrete produces prefabricated concrete elements that meet the highest aesthetic requirements. The headquarters for Enjoy Concrete, located in Veurne, Belgium and designed by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects, are a showcase for its products, constructed entirely out of prefabricated concrete. The building is mainly a hall for production and storage, but also contains office spaces, spread over 4 levels. A cantilevered volume containing a meeting room is located at the top corner of the building. The facade is further characterized by a pattern image of the beautiful treeline along the canal “Damse Vaart” on the prefab slabs produced using Graphic Concrete. This creates an interesting interaction between the building and its surroundings, as the building reflects the nature across the street and canal. Being on a strategic point in between an industrial estate and a green canal, they wanted to be seen by the passing traffic, as well as to become a transition from green to industrial.

Architecture:  Architektuurburo Govaert & Vanhoutte
Color: Dark
Pattern: Designer's own
Developer:  Enjoy Concrete
Prefabrication:  Enjoy Concrete
Address:  Bedrijvenlaan 7, Veurne, Belgium
Type: Industrial Building
Year: 2012
Photo: Tim Van de Velde, Isabelle Maignan