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Science Park Cortex


Graphic Concrete Science Park Cortex

The Cortex Science Park is Denmark's largest center for welfare and robotics technology. Currently, Cortex houses 60 companies and institutions with a special focus on health and welfare technology and business promotion.

In September 2015, the research park expanded with this new Videnbyen building, centrally located in Cortex Park. Here, bridges will be built between the area's educational institutions and the research parks which enable knowledge sharing. Videnbyen receives a younger company profile and is primarily aimed at start-up companies that will benefit from very special incubator activities.

Architecture: Creo Arkitekter
Co architecture: ADEPT
Color: Light
Pattern: GC-Collection™ Textilia 200%, Piksel, Ikat, Round Rough 200%
Developer: CJ Anlæg A/S
Prefabrication: DS Elcobyg A/S
Address: Cortex Park 18B, Odense, Denmark
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2015
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Graphic Concrete Science Park Cortex
Graphic Concrete Science Park Cortex
Graphic Concrete Science Park Cortex