Arabianvillas Residential Building


Graphic Concrete Arabianvillas Residential Building

The best proof of Graphic Concrete’s durability is our long list of references dating back to the early 2000s. For more than a decade our Graphic Concrete surfaces have been exposed to harsh climate conditions ranging from snow and ice to bright sunshine and heat waves.

Having inspected the Graphic Concrete patterns of some of our oldest references, we noted that the edges have remained sharp and the contrasts as they were originally. In the district of Arabianranta in Helsinki, the birds on the Graphic Concrete facades fly just as beautifully as they did when they first appeared in 2005.

Architecture: ARK-HOUSE Architects, Helsinki
Color: Colored
Pattern: Designer's own
Developer: VVO Rakennuttaja
Prefabrication: Parma Oy
Address: Gunnel Nymanin piha 2, Helsinki, Finland
Type: Residential Building
Year: 2005

Graphic Concrete Arabianvillas Residential Building
Graphic Concrete Arabianvillas Residential Building

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